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Story: Brian Fell • Pics: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The 2013 USA BMX National Season is in the books. The MCS BICYCLES factory Team made the trip out to Tulsa, Oklahoma over the Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of people were guessing at the moto count as usual. When the word spread that there was over 700 motos, we all knew it was gonna be a good one! It was pretty cold in the beginning of the week, with a high of 29 on Wednesday. As the week went on though the temps, along with the racing got hotter! Read on to get the scoop on how the boys did...

In A Pro, we had Chase Hines and Justin Riddell. Chase did not have the weekend he was looking for, I went to the store and tried to find him a gate start, but alas they were all sold out, undoubtedly because of the Grands. Justin being new to the program had some eyes on him from the start. He came up short for the ROC, but came back for the Saturday night show. These guys race three mains, which makes things really exciting going into the third main. Justin was tied on points going into this final lap. When the dust settled, he took home a second, for a second overall on the day. It was a great debut for his new ride!
Tucker Rice also had a good weekend. Tucker races in the highly talked about 16 Expert class. Although he looked solid all week long, Tucker went out in the semi. Frustrated, he took it out on his cruiser class. With a solid lap, after a “Good” gate, he took home the NAG one plate! An excellent end to the long season.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, Petey Peters knows this all too well. Petey can ride his bike, there is no doubt in that. However, not having a local track to ride is showing the results of a training schedule with no track time. Every class on the National Level is competitive and Petey will be back in 2014 with a new outlook and a new mission. Don’t count him out!

Raul Gomez has been focused on one thing, to regain his National Title. The focus and desire needed to compete in 41 and Over Expert is insane. All of these guys are hungry and want that plate. What I like best about this class is that these guys, as competetive as they are supportive and friendly with each other. That is pretty cool to me. When the last main of the 2013 Grands was in the books, it was Raul who took the win and the title back home with him to South Florida. Mission accomplished and we couldn’t be more proud of him and his effort. Great job Gomer!
Some people (like 2, maybe 3...) were asking were Tyler Wagner was... Well, he had to miss the Grands because of his commitment to High school football. Tyler’s team played for the Division one State Championship on the Saturday of the race. The good news is that they won. The better news is, Tyler will be back on the BMX grind in 2014!

This was a great year! A lot of exciting and new things happened to the MCS BICYCLES program. Hopefully we can keep this momentum up into 2014. I’m betting that we can! Of course none of this would be possible without our awesome cosponsors:

ACS BMX (www.acsbmx.com ), Profile Racing (www.profileracing.com ), FLY Racing (www.flyracing.com ), Answer BMX (www.answerbmx.com ), POWERBAR (www.powerbar.com ), DNA Energy Drink (www.dnaenergydrink.com ), ODI Grips (www.odigrips.com ), SUN Rims (www.sun-ringle.com ), 100% Eyewear (www.ride100%.com ), VANS (www.vans.com )  Vee Tires (www.veerubberusa.com ) and Crit Plate (www.critbmx.com )
Tuesday, 19 November 2013


MCS Bicycles is pleased to announce the addition of Justin Riddell to the program! Justin is twenty years old and hails from Cape Coral, Florida. “We are very excited to have Justin joining the team!” said Brian Fell MCS Bicycles Marketing Director.  “He is a good kid with a lot of talent.” Justin will be racing in the A Pro class at USABMX Nationals and the Men’s Pro class in the SSA Florida Cup and State Series events.

Justin will be racing the HT20XL frame in 2014. When asked about the bike, he said “The bike feels really good and stiff I have only ridden it on the track a couple of times, but it was really easy to get used too! The MCS Torque bars felt really good too!”

With new complete bikes and products being added to the line-up and a strong track presence getting dialed in, 2014 looks to be a break-out year for MCS Bicycles. You can be a part of it, look for MCS Bicycle products at better bike shops and mail order houses world wide!

You can follow MCS Bicycles on: Facebook - /MCSBicycles  •  Instagram – MCSBicycles  •  YouTube – MCSBicycles  •  Twitter - @mcsbicycles

MCS Bicycles 2013 Co-Sponsors: ACS BMX
(www.acsbmx.com ), Vee Tires (www.veerubberusa.com ), Profile Racing (www.profileracing.com ), FLY Racing (www.flyracing.com ), CRIT Plate (www.facebook.com/critbmx ), Answer BMX (www.answerbmx.com ), POWERBAR (www.powerbar.com ), DNA Energy Drink (www.dnaenergydrink.com ), ODI Grips (www.odigrips.com ), 100% Eyewear (www.ride100%.com ), VANS (www.vans.com ) and SUN Rims (www.sun-ringle.com )

Thursday, 26 September 2013


gerrit_signing_the_wall.jpgYesterday, we were paid a visit by the godfather of European BMX, Sir Gerrit Does. Yes, he is a “Sir” because he was knighted by the Dutch King for his role in bringing BMX to Europe. Pretty cool huh! Gerrit, his modesty asks that you drop the “Sir,” made the stop in South Florida on his way to the final UCI SX event of the year in Chula Vista, CA, where he will be part of the induction of George Esser, the founder of MCS Bicycles.

We have a special connection with Gerrit because he managed the MCS Bicycles European Team in 1990 and 1991.  The highlight of which was taking the Manufacturer World Team Title in 1990. Notable riders on this program were Dale Holmes (England), Christophe Leveque (France), Bas De Bever (Holland) and Nico Does (Holland).

mcs_euro_team_1990.jpg Gerrit has a website, www.universityofbmx.com , where you can see all the history of European BMX. Including his early days as a motocross racer!

Tuesday, 09 July 2013
Story: Brian Fell • Pics: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it & This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The USABMX Stars & Stripes Nationals were held in South Park, PA over the Fourth of July weekend. Having not been to this race in a few years I was looking forward to going back. With 215 motos on Saturday it was a pretty good sized race, I would have liked to of seen 300, but hey if you weren’t there you missed out! Even though Mother Nature came in at the last minute to try and spoil the show, the rest of the weekend was action packed and full of the excitement that this event was always known for.

Since this was a UCI event all the Pro’s were back in force. Elite Men had quarters, A-Pro had semi’s, Elite Women and Junior Men had two racks each and Junior Women had just one group. Notable happenings for the weekend were the UCI in what I would call a pretty “silly” (and that is being nice!) decision made the Elite Women take the “Amateur” side of the third straight, yet all riders (except Elite Men and Junior Men) including a 12 Expert that I saw jump it, could take either side. If anyone can explain this to me, I’m all ears! The only stipulation was that once you started on the right side, you had to finish on the right side. Amanda Geving was DQ’d on Saturday after she took the right side. You know... The HARDER side, the “PRO” side. Evidently, there was a paper posted on the moto board stating this decision. Maybe someone should have made sure it was clear before the race. Maybe someone should have said something either before and after Keely Kortman got KO’d in practice jumping the right side.keely_southpark_2013b.jpg

As far as the MCS Bicycles crew goes... Tyler Wagner was the lone rider under the MCS Bicycles/Profile Racing/Morphine Industries/YESS Bicycles/Free Agent-Rockstar/Hyper Bicycles pit area. Tyler started off with some good finishes on Saturday with a first in Open and a third in 16 Expert. Sunday however wasn’t what we were looking for was just a second in Open. The rain made the track an ice rink with riders falling left and right. I would rather be safe and sound over falling and getting hurt. Speaking of getting hurt... As I mentioned earlier, Keely Kortman took a hard fall in practice. She got KO’d, but was back at the track that afternoon. She was banged up, but in great spirits. She will be back at it in no time. FYI, her bike was totally fine! LOL!

tyler_southpark_2013a.jpg I would also like to give props to Phil Delizia and Jeff Upshaw for hitting the Pro side in their semi’s. Philly also did it in his main on his way to take the win. That new ride with Not-For-Hire/DKO must really suit him. He looked like his former self all weekend. Glad to see him back at it!

All in all, it was a great weekend despite the rain coming in at the end. Hopefully, we will be back next year. See you in Louisville!

MCS Bicycles 2013 Co-Sponsors: ACS BMX (www.acsbmx.com ), Profile Racing (www.profileracing.com ), FLY Racing (www.flyracing.com ), Answer BMX (www.answerbmx.com ), POWERBAR (www.powerbar.com ), DNA Energy Drink (www.dnaenergydrink.com ), ODI Grips (www.odigrips.com ), SUN Rims (www.sun-ringle.com ), 100% Eyewear (www.ride100percent.com ), VANS (www.vans.com ), VEE Tires (www.veerubberusa.com ) and Crit Plate (www.critbmx.com )
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Tyler Wagner and Keely Kortman were in Rockford for the Midwest Nationals. Tyler took home a second in 15-16 Open on Saturday, first in Open on Sunday and a third in 16 Expert on Sunday. Keely got a fourth in Elite Women on Sunday. Here are some pics from This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it sent over. Go check out the rest in his MIDWEST Nationals Gallery!

Thursday, 20 June 2013
The Vans BMX crew took a trip to tropical Guam to hit up skateparks, do a little snorkeling and a put on a demo at the US Navy base. This is the Vans team's third trip to Guam and it was just as hot as before. In this video, check out Gary Young, Alistair Whitton, Michael Steingraber, Dennis McCoy, Coco Zurita and Ryan Guettler as they embark on a BMX Adventurcation in the North Pacific Ocean.

Friday, 14 June 2013
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